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Which car type is recommended to use in Dubai?

When choosing a car rental in UAE, depending on the trip that you want to experience you would have to get one or another type of car.


City Trooper

RECOMMENDED CAR TYPE: Economy car or mini car.

Yes! It is possible to get cheap car hire in Dubai! If you are planning on staying in town and would like to explore the city enjoying the independence of having your own car, you should get a budget rental car in Dubai such as a simple compact car! Depending on the number of people that you are travelling with (and maybe the size of their luggage) you are going to get either an economy car or a mini car. The pros? By getting a small and economical car, you would consume way less gas than in a big and faster car and therefore you will spend less money! ๐Ÿ˜‰

PRICE: US $60 to US$ 75 per day

Off-road desert adventurer


If you are thinking about having some fun driving around the Dubai Dunes, you should definitely rent a 4ร—4! This is the best way to explore the Dubai desert and it is so much fun for those that enjoy off roading. Read my Dubai itinerary article or jump to the bonus section where I explain everything you need to know about a self-drive desert safari!

IMPORTANT: If you are going to drive around the Dubai desert, you better be an experienced off road driver as itโ€™s no piece of cake and it is pretty easy to get lost!

PRICE: US $90 per day

Family getaway 

RECOMMENDED CAR TYPE: Medium or large car

Are you traveling with your family to Dubai? Are you thinking of doing a day trip to Abu Dhabi or even to Oman? Then you should choose a medium car or even a large car. These types of cars can be quite spacious, so you should be able to fit your luggage and your family, and if your budget allows it, you can rent a luxury car and enjoy its speed on the Emirates major highways.

PRICE: $US 60 to $US 200 per day

Like a boss!


If you decide to splurge and go for a luxurious car there is really no better place than Dubai! These luxury options are always a tad more expensive but if you can afford it I would definitely say go for it!

PRICE: US $175 to US $900 per day for a premium car


Is it good to rent a car in Dubai?

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Things to consider before choosing to rent a car in Dubai

Driving in Dubai can be daunting if you are not used to heavy traffic and busy roads. Initially, the expenses to buy a car can also be quite substantial. .