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How good is Dubai for road trips? Explore now!

Road trips are favorite thing when travelling! Dubai is full of adventures. All emirates has a lot of unexplored area.


There is no greater feeling than driving freely through an unknown country and following your hunches on which way to go or which route to take, which often leads to the best unexpected adventures!

Having a car gives you that great advantage and you can go wherever you want without having to pay for a pricey tour, as public transport throughout the Emirates is so scarce!

I have researched the best road trips from Dubai that will make your trip a once in a lifetime experience-check them out below:

  • Dibba – Located on the East Coast of the Emirates, it’s a perfect place to enjoy some snorkeling, hiking or just swimming in the Gulf of Oman!
  • Jebel Al Jais – Located at 1800m, it is the highest point of the Emirates and a perfect spot for hiking and trekking lovers!
  • Al Ain – For a scenic road trip, head to Al Ain! An oasis in the desert, it offers natural springs, the greenest nature in the Emirates and all these with a view of the mountains!
  • Hatta – This mountainous region with its historic Hatta Village makes for one of the best and most popular Dubai getaways!
  • Abu Dhabi – There is not much to say about the capital of the Emirates apart from it is a must day trip if you are lucky enough to have your own car!

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about the day trips that you can take from Dubai you should have a look at my things to do in Dubai post where I explain the best ones!


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