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Driving Institutes under RTA in Dubai

Service providers including driving institutes and technical testing centers, annually undergo an assessment and classification process


“Partners Performance Management System” is carried out relying on a number of key elements such as, the scale of professional improvements, working environment, support and services rendered to customers, in addition to measuring the Performance Indicators.


Following is a List of driving institutes set in order as per the Partners Performance Management System.

Notice:  branches can provide all services related to training, registration and testing while Registration offices can provide only registration services.

Things to consider when picking up your rented car

Now that you have decided on the car, here are some things to keep in mind on the day when you pick it up:.


What documents are required to rent a car in Dubai, UAE?

With respect to location that you are from and having a valid UAE license the requirements varies in UAE..


What are the inclusions on vehicles for given for rent

All our vehicles are equipped with several standard functionalities, we provide these as basic features for our customers..