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Main points to know before taking any rentals

Be it is for a weekend road trip, or frequent business trips, having a rental car by your side helps negate all travel-related troubles you might face in the Emirate.

 Is there any fee for returning the car in airport counters?

All vehicles off hired in our airport counters will be charged an airport return fees. If you wish to avoid these parking fees, rented vehicles can be returned to any non-airport branch locations between 0800H to 1700H (Saturday to Thursday) Presently the charges are as follows: Dubai Airport Terminal 1- AED 52.50, Dubai Airport Terminal 3-AED 52.50, Dubai Airport Terminal 2- AED 26.25, Sharjah Airport- AED 21 and Abu Dhabi Airport- AED 26.25, Maktoum Airport AED 21. This charge is subject to change without prior notice.

 Is parking available and are there any procedures?

Parking in UAE is readily available. Parking along the road side is paid parking with parking meter installed all over UAE.

 What about traffic violations?

Most roads in U.A.E. are radar controlled and it is in your interest to adhere to the speed limits which are clearly highlighted on road signs.

 What do we do in the case of a breakdown or Accidents?

Dollar Rent A Car offers you 24hr breakdown and roadside assistance. And In the unforeseen circumstances of your vehicle being involved in an accident please note that the vehicle should not be moved from the point of the accident or damage, except in the case where the damage is minor and the vehicle is causing an obstruction to the traffic. You will then call the police and remain with the vehicle in order to obtain a police report to be submitted to Dollar Rent A Car so that an Insurance claim can be made. Please notify our 24/7 toll free number - 800 4710 and they will facilitate any replacement vehicle that may be required.

 What kind of driver’s license is required to drive in the UAE and does it have to be an International License?

1. For UAE Resident Visa Holders: A valid UAE Driving License.
2. For Visitors (on visit/transit visa) from GCC Countries: A valid GCC country driving license.
3. For visitors from all other countries other than GCC countries (on visit/transit) : a valid international driving license.

 What are the rental requirements?

All renters must be able to provide a valid driver’s license accepted in the UAE, passport copy with visa page and a valid credit card with minimum 3-months validity at the time of rental.

 What is the minimum age requirement for renting?

Renters must be 22 years old at the time of rental.

 Can someone else drive a car that I rent?

Yes, an additional driver can be added on with a minimal charge provided that he/she fulfills all necessary requirements.

 How can I locate the nearest Dollar rental location?

You can locate the nearest Dollar rental location in the "Locations” tab section of the website. Select "Locations," and select your destination from the pop-up window that appears. If you still need assistance please contact your local Dollar toll free at 800 4710 for assistance.

 Can I reserve a specific make/model car?

The Company does not guarantee a specific make, model or color of the vehicle against any reservation. Should the specific car group/make/model not be available at the point of pick-up, the Company reserves the right to offer an alternate make/model within the same group.

 Can I keep the rental vehicle for longer than agreed to in the rental contract?

If you would like to keep the vehicle longer than what is stated in the rental agreement, you must contact any of our offices to receive authorization and find out about additional costs you might incur.

 What is the policy on off-road driving?

Off-road use is a violation of the rental agreement and is not allowed.

 Are there any additional charges to be paid at the rental desk?

Other additional charges related to the rental include: Salik (toll fees), any Driving or Traffic Fine or Violation Charges imposed by RTA/Police/Municipality, Re-fueling Service Charge, Additional Driver Charge, Baby Seat and GPS Charges, Airport Return Charges, and for any Dubai registered rented or leased vehicle a Vehicle License Fee will be applied accordingly as implemented/mandated by the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai.

 Is driving across Oman border allowed?

Our cars may be driven into Oman with prior purchase of an Oman Insurance Certificate along with the No Objection letter available at the rental desk. Charges vary based on the vehicles, time and period. However, certain vehicle groups may not be allowed to travel into Oman territory. Driving to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Kuwait, etc. is strictly forbidden


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